ID Logistics invests in technology to improve efficiencies and reduce costs

ID Logistics South Africa, part of the optimisation programme to decrease costs and improve efficiencies across the operation.The company is currently implementing a new and dynamic way of tracking the status of deliveries in real-time using mobile handheld devices. They have implemented a routing and execution management solution, targeting an estimated R10m operating cost savings on secondary distribution per annum.

“Adopting innovation and technology is part of our group’s ongoing strategy to add value to our clients who all operate in an extremely cost competitive market,” says Etienne Juillard, Managing Director of ID Logistics SA. “To this end we have installed an automated optimiser system instead of master routes and manual reworks, as well as the efficient management of seasonality and integration of new principles, versus constantly redesigning master routes.”

According to Juillard, the company is also implementing system-driven workflow to ease and track deliveries in real-time, which will result in improving visibility on all operational KPIs on a daily basis. This not only improves customer service, as shorts, damages and missed stops can be calculated before the truck returns.

The optimisation programme is based on PLATO, which is a suite of enterprise-level planning software modules that provides superior transport management, route optimisation and resource utilisation.

“It enables us to model complex transportation operations, including shift changes, external contractors, loading bays, variable stop times based on loading and offloading profiles and more. Its ability to interact with other systems, integrate with multiple tracking and GPS service providers ensures that we have total control of the logistics’ process – from start to the finish,” he adds.

ID Logistics is using ZENO online mobile software, which is an online web scheduler for same and next day planning of vehicles and deliveries, with built-in workflow management. “This helps to manage both the planning and execution with real-time events through the use of alerts, automatic adjustment of existing schedules following events. It integrates with the handheld mobile devices and backend financial system, which enables our mobile workforce to receive alerts, downloadable schedules, signatures-on-line, as well as a lot more functionality,” says Juillard.


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