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SAPICS was formed in 1966 with the intention to build a vibrant community of educated supply chain professionals.  In 50 years, and with the close partnerships of global associations such as APICS, the intention is a reality.  SAPICS is focused on the development of this community in Africa and is working with APICS and other partners to encourage, educate and inform supply chain professionals in emerging markets around the world.


Join 1000 other delegates at SAPICS 2016 which is considered to be the leading event in Africa for Supply Chain Management Professionals. The Conference takes place at Sun city, South Africa from the 12 – 14 June 2016.


The programme is extensive.  It includes supply chain professionals from Africa and abroad – all with experiences and best practices to share. 


In addition to this varied and extensive programme there are valuable networking opportunities with speakers and guests from around the world. 


I urge you to take the opportunity to spend time with the APICS President from the USA, William Bickert and CEO, Abe Eshkenazi and with Nampak’s CEO Andre de Ruyter.  Listen to the beguiling insights of Professor Nick Binedell, learn from Bryan Baylis and his experiences in developing supply chains in perilous places or marvel at distribution centres of the future created in South Africa and relevant to emerging markets.  There is a wealth of supply chain best practice available and experts with experience to share.  Learn more about the Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR) and be encouraged to implement a global common supply chain language within your organisation.


Be some of the first people to attend the pre-launch of the brand new certification from APICS – the Certified in Logistics and Transportation (CLTD) before it’s formal launch in the US and around the world.


Visit: or call +27 11 0236701.

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