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Businesses can expect even tougher environment after budget speech


With the nation anticipating what the Minister of Finance will say during the National Budget Speech on Wednesday, February 20, businesses are hoping for some relief in the form of a halt on corporate tax increases. But the reality is businesses may face even more financial burdens, Stefani du Preez, Director of Innovative Accounting Solutions (IAS) says.


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In year of elections, will African countries get the investor vote? 

The world, including investors, will keep a close eye on the various national elections to be held in Africa this year. The lead up and aftermath of national polls usually comes with uncertainty.

Without Jobs More Strikes are Set to Follow

 Strikes such as the one planned by South Africa’s largest trade union federation against the high rate of unemployment and job losses will continue to take place if the government fails to create employment and secure jobs, says Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS), Managing Director, Arnoux Maré. 

Is Canada paving the cannabis way for the rest of the world? 


While the cannabis plant has been grown – and used – for thousands of years, only recently has its sale for recreational use become sanctioned in countries including South Africa, Canada and Uruguay.


Mining for coal still has a place in the power mix 

During the recent Investing in African Mining Indaba, concerns were noted on the impact that the move towards a ‘greener economy’ would have on coal mining – and, for base-load power production. However, coal mining and power production will remain two key industrial activities in the local economy.


Corruption does not invest in the future

“We are working hard with governments to improve transparency, governance, accountability and project delivery across the continent. Corruption does not invest in the future, it kills the future,” Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank said at the World Peace Summit of Global Leaders.


Globalisation hits new record high

DHL released the fifth edition of the DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) – a detailed analysis of globalisation, measured by international flows of trade, capital, information and people.

Fighting the supply chain skills crisis

“The image of the supply chain management profession has been marred by corruption, and skills development and the professionalisation of supply chain management has never been more critical than it is today, in our increasingly global, challenging, complex and dynamic business environment.”


HighJump revolutionizes supply chain for Mr. Price Group 



Collaboration with international and consulting partners automates and transforms warehousing and logistics for one of South Africa’s largest retailers


Floating caisson repaired at Sturrock Dry Dock ahead of fabrication of new structure


A new, R98 million floating caisson is to be fabricated for the Sturrock Dry Dock operated by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) in the Port of Cape Town which will enable one of the biggest dry dock facilities in the Southern Hemisphere to double its productivity.